Posted on Jun 4, 2021

Jason Suli Digital Marketing

We all know that Google has a lot of sway over where a business will be ranked. Since Google is the absolute authority when it comes to search rankings, it is important that the website you're representing on the web is as good as the rest of them. The good news is that there is actually a lot you can do to optimize a website for search engines, if you know what to do.

Here a few tips:

Improve your rankings

There are a ton of different factors that affect your website's ranking on Google — things like the page content, backlinks, keywords, and other ranking factors. However, the most important ranking factor is your website's content.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the key to search engine optimization. Although most are familiar with the simple idea that you want to include the keywords that your business is searching for, the concept of keyword research extends beyond simple keyword lists.

On-Page Optimization

Page Optimization is a critical SEO practice that focuses on making sure a website's content is as high quality as possible. This is done by ensuring the site's title, meta tags, H1 tag, title tag, and URLs are properly optimized for the search engine. The goal of SEO is to eventually increase the search engine ranking of the page. The SEO process consists of several key components that are essential to the success of the campaign.

Get these right and you are on your way to generating more business.
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